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Grit of Dunoon 

Taking place on 29th June 2024, the inaugural edition of Grit of Dunoon features three exciting ride options of 'Challenge', 'Explore' and 'Discover Gravel. We are delighted to announce that the Race option will offer the first ever edition of the Scottish Gravel Championships, with jerseys for every category. 

This exciting new feature on the Scottish Gravel calendar offers a riding experience and challenge for all levels of rider, with our three ride options available. Experience Scotland's best kept gravel riding secret...

Plus, we've got evening entertainment that is totally free of charge in the town of Dunoon after all the events for the Official Grit of Dunoon After Party!

Challenge- Scottish Gravel Championships

Do you want the chance to win the first ever Scottish Gravel Championship jersey?

The Challenge option takes in a 117km route which features 75% gravel and over 2000m elevation. The event will feature the inaugural edition of The Scottish Gravel Championships which features over 85km of timed gravel racing and has categories for both male and female open to:

19 - 39 Years

40 - 49 Years

50 - 59 Years

60 - 69 Years 

70 - 79


Though the event is labelled as the Scottish Championships, the event is also open to international competitors - you'll simply select 'Challenge - Non-Championships' if you do not wish to be entered into the championship event. 

The start time is 11:30 with the event starting as a mass start and being neutralised for the first few km's as a possession through the town. Once the flags have dropped the official race starts in a bunch style format. 

The Challenge event features over 85km over challenging timed gravel racing over a mix of terrain from buttery smooth gravel to testing climbs. 

Grit of Dunoon Explore 

The Explore course follows the exact same route as the race edition but is at a more leisurely pace, this event is timed with electronic chips but is considered a non-competitive event. At 117km with over 2000m elevation, this really is a proper gravel challenge. Fortunately, you'll be met with some truly breath taking scene's along the way...

You'll set off just after the race wave, with riders setting off from 11:40 - just 10 minutes after the race wave where riders can roll out any time until 12:15.

Grit of Dunoon Discover Gravel

The Discover Gravel option offers an introduction to gravel with a shorter 25km route route that gives you a fantastic flavour of the Argyle and Bute Gravel offering. 

This is perfect for young kids or new-comers, exploring this sport of gravel riding. Youll have the opportunity to ride sections of the championship course in the afternoon with many sections featuring in the first 15km of the Race and Challenge events. 

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