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Outsider Events - What We're About

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Outsider Events is an Edinburgh based events company, creating events and outdoor experiences that we'd like to attend ourselves. 

Focussing primarily on cycling and trail running events, we strongly believe there's so much more to an event than pinning on a number, giving it hell for leather (though there are definitely times for this) and heading home.


We aim to look beyond the finish line and incorporate an innovative approach to our event management that includes not only the racer but spectators, friends and family too. 

Meet The Team 

Cameron Balfour - Director

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My background is in bike racing. Having competed in Road and Cross Country mountain biking, I was ultimately selected for the British Olympic Talent Team at age group level. 

After graduating from university with a degree in Events Management and a heightened love of beer, I drifted from the competitive world of cycling to lead bike tours and adventure trips around the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Iceland.


Combining these experiences, I created Outsider Events from a genuine love of being in the outdoors, bringing people together and leaving them with a smile on their face.  

Outsider Events was formed back in 2019 with a single hill climb road event... As the years have progressed the programme of events have grown to various trail running, gravel and cycling experiences. I have a million idea's floating about my head that I'd love to deliver (no doubt you'll be seeing these idea's turn into a reality in the near future!)

It's a lot of work delivering these events but there's nothing beats the feeling of putting hundreds, (or even thousands) of hours of work into an event and seeing everyone have a positive, shared experience, in the outdoors from an idea that started from a single thought floating about your head.

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