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Auld' Reekie Round

'Auld Reekie Round' is the fusion of urban and rural landscapes blended together into one epic 200km race. The circular route that starts and finishes in the heart of the Capital, at the base of an extinct Volcano takes in over 75% off road trails. 

After leaving the city, the routes contrasting surroundings become apparent when the riders are met with vast open moorland overlooking the city from afar. The route then leads toward the Tweed valley with endless miles of gravel trails before making its way into the Pentland hills and back down toward the iconic finishing setting of Arthurs Seat. 

Riders are set off in 'pairs' or 'solo' at 1 minute intervals. For pair riders you

Distance - 200km

Elevation - 4800m

75% Off Road 


May TBC 

How much? 

solo -£50 

pairs -£90

The Route (GPX available 1 week prior)

200km Auld Reekie round.jpg
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